We normally don't do sample boards. It has been my experience that the beauty of my work can't be shown on a poster board. Also as an artist I use your home as inspiration. So the sample painted in my home can't translate to the beauty I will bring to your home. A small fee is charged if sample boards are required. The charge is waived if project is approved. We do have some sample boards I bring to appointments just to show the faux concept for your project. With top notch service like no other, exquisite old world faux finishes, and an honest desire to create your dream surroundings, why go any where else? 

My faux painting career started with my mother's business. She took several classes before starting and running a successful faux painting business. 

After working several years with my mother I decided to branch out on my own and create my art in peoples homes.

Faux by Kerri G llc. was formed  in 2000.
I have prided myself on not trying to be the Jack of all faux and master of none. I took the time to master the old world services I offer. 

I am most proud of my marble faux. My process gives a real 3D appearance. Even up close it is hard to tell it's painted. I bring columns or pillars to my home show exhibit and every one has to stop and touch it because they can't believe it's not real. 

My husband and I run a mom and pop operation. For most every project it's just the two of us completing projects in surprising time. Most clients are shocked at what we can do in a day. 
Since it is just the two of us, with an occasional helper for large projects, it helps to keep costs down and we pass on the savings to you!

Pricing is done on a project by project basis. With so many variations of my services and the scope of the project it's too hard to list prices here. Faux painting can be pricey and I consider myself to be at the top of my profession. If you are getting bids, We will more than likely be the most expensive. Keep in mind your hiring an artist to create a masterpiece in your home. With my years of experience and professionalism, you'll find me to be unlike any faux painting contractor in the valley. Wouldn't you love to hire a contractor that shows up and finishes on time!
 That's Faux by Kerri G llc.

Dear prospective client;
 I am first and foremost an artist. 
I don't just faux paint. I bring life to your surroundings. I am personally involved with every part of your project. 
With a keen eye for detail and color, I will leave you with a faux painted masterpiece that you can't wait to show off to your family and friends. 

Kerri G

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