Faux by Kerri G specializes in old world and metallic faux

    Marble Faux Finishes

Our marble faux service is the finest in the valley. When anyone sees our work they have to touch it because they can't believe it's not real marble. This type of real looking 3D faux can be used in practically any decor. We carefully match the colors to blend with your surroundings. The finish looks best on smooth surfaces but can still be beautiful on Arizona textures. 

   Color Glaze Faux Finish

Our color glaze faux finish  is our most economical service. Color glazes can be used in a one pass to several passes and colors for different finishes. Our "Watermark" or tea stain finish goes with modern to southwest to old world decor. It adds an elegant look to any decor. A one pass glaze can be used as a soft  finish just to add some color and movement to any painted wall or ceiling.

Metallic Faux Finishes

Our Mefaux finish service is created in layers. We use metallic paint, glazes, and plasters to create works of art. We can make a dry wall stove hood look like it was made of copper. We can take a powder bath and make it look like an old world piece of art. The reflective surface changes with light so it never tires of appearance. Textured walls add another dimension to this type of finish.


   Break-away Brick Faux

Our "break-away brick faux finish service is one of our most popular. We map out the brick patterns with tape. Then we spread a thin layer of joint compound over the tape area. The tape is then pulled leaving the grout lines and creating a relief art effect for the bricks. After sanding and priming the bricks are individually painted and our marble finish is used to create an old world effect.